The Street-Smart Entrepreneur

Course Outline:

Part I The Decision Maker’s perspective Entrepreneurs are decision makers who must know how to be objective in every possible way.  This is a leadership training that will help them learn how to decide based on data and gear decisions from both people and profit oriented way.
Part II Business Pitch and Business Investments Convert your ideas into remarkable business concepts and learn how to raise capital for it.

Learn the fundamentals of how to prepare and scrutinize a business pitch.

Part III Basic Technical Entrep requirement Business is inevitably about numbers. This session will help attendees appreciate and understand better the connection of various business tools towards risk detection. This includes basic financial statement analysis, cash position report, projection, breakeven analysis and budget variance analysis.
Part IV Various Business exposures
  1. Learn basic FOREX guidelines
  2. Cooperative, how it runs and how it would help you gain passive income
  3. The “big” agri business
  4. The real deal on networking

What’s in it for the Attendees?

  • If you think just putting money in a colleague’s business will get you passive income… think again! If 80% of businesses statistically fail on the first 18 months, how do you know you’re investing on the 20%?!
  • It’s not rocket science or betting, join us and learn the fundamentals of business investment and never watch your money melt to nothing!
  • It’s costly to start a business… Why not step back a little and learn the fundamentals to minimize massive cost with unsure ROI down the road. Learn what you might be missing and close any possible cash leak in your business now!

Facilitating Team

The facilitating team of this module is selected and are successful entrepreneurs from various fields/industries.