Things That Matter – Over a Cup of Coffee

A fine evening, an inspiring speaker, and a great crowd, equals another great reason for IEF (Ignite Empower Flourish, Inc.) to give a post-Valentine event held last February 17, 2016 at the Subspace Cafe and Dine in Ortigas. The group learned about the importance of hard work and savings, as key speaker Mr. Jeric Cornejo taught about “Personal Finance” and love not only of one’s self but also for family, work, and life. Jeric warmly extended his gratitude toward the guests and while everyone was getting cozy sipping coffee, he asked a lady from the crowd, “Bakit ka nag-join sa ating talk ngayong gabi?” She replied joyfully, “Interesado ako. Matututo ako dito about the word Financial.” As the February night breeze grew deeper, a seemingly fresh wind filled the place through a short film about “Teamwork,” where a boy imagined himself as a hero who was able to encourage others to help him move a roadblock so that the vehicles could pass through and enable all of them to get on with their daily lives. It was shown how “Teamwork” divides the effort while exponentially increasing success; this is IEF’s heart and primary intent to IGNITE a flame of togetherness among different people toward their precious goals of financial breakthroughs. Mr. Cornejo was able to share some life lessons he learned from an activity called “out-of-town”, which was deeply appreciated by the guests. 12696274_10204772726472592_704534312_n With Jeric’s heartfelt humor over his burdensome large debt experience and how he braved and survived its storms, he tells the guests how he is no different from anyone else, “Nang magkulang, nagkautang o nangutang.” The guests learned how to be part of the 1% of the population who knows the means to improve their finances in the not so typical way which would help them get out of debt and come closer to their dreams. LOVE is a four-letter word that says “I love you” to your spouse and kids, your inspiration that drives you to wake up early everyday to ensure that they’re well-fed and well-dressed for Prom night. “Minsan puro tayo ‘ko.’ ‘Gusto ko.’ Pwede nating baguhin: Gusto kong bigyan ng magandang buhay ang nanay at tatay ko. Isama mo ang pamilya mo sa iyong pangarap at gigising ka ng mas maaga,” Jeric adds. He clearly points out the importance of learning how to invest so that people will FLOURISH and thrive, not just merely survive. As hearts rejoiced with such timely message, Jeric and the guests took pictures and shared their own financial challenges, journeys, and stories. Truly, IEF’s “Personal Finance” Coffee Table Talk was a night to remember. It was an evening where “Togetherness” and “Dreams” came to life. 12736064_10204772726872602_506110036_n

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