What Makes a Beauty Queen

Last February 9, Ignite Empower Flourish (IEF) had a coffee table talk at Subspace Ortigas. It was an intimate discussion with Beauty Queen Abby Cruz- Ramos about important matters which women and men should all be aware of, held in the sweet little café filled with expectant women.

In that personality development coaching, Abby revealed the truths the media was masking off about real beauty. Here is a list of what really makes a beauty queen:

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The main reason why people don’t feel beautiful is that they have a distorted self-image. We are bound by the lie that we are “not good enough”. The prominent symptom of this is not being able to accept compliments gracefully. If only we take the time to get to know more about who we are and how we are different and unique in our own little ways, then we would be kinder and more appreciative of ourselves.

Here are some tips on knowing yourself:

  • First is to identify your strengths and own them.
  • Love your weaknesses; they are what make you special.
  • Work on what interests you.
  • And be familiar with your goals to be able to live a purpose-driven life.

When you know who you are and grounded by these knowledge, you will never be shaken. The lies that attack you will not overshadow the truths you know about yourself; it only depends on what you decide is true about you.



Words are powerful and a real beauty queen knows how to be responsible with what she breathes out; not only to others but also to herself. We have to realize that there is power in positive self-talk. The things that you most hear will eventually be true to you that is why you have to filter them. The things you tell yourself either make or break you. Which will it be?


True beauty springs from the heart and whatever is given off by the heart manifests itself to what is visible. When we feel great we want to look great. Let not insecurity be your motivation for working out. Let that drive come from the commitment of being a good steward of the body (vessel) which God has entrusted you. The same with putting on makeup, we ladies wear it because it is a tool to highlight our already beautiful features, NOT cover them up because we are ashamed of them. This is also the reason why we dress up—to present ourselves to the eyes of the world in a way we want to be regarded.


Accept who you are and how you are designed to be. Don’t change to please others, be true to yourself. Be thankful of the things you have and learn to accept failure as part of reality. How you see life is important because “life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.” –Abby Cruz- Ramos


Beauty is a matter of perspective and the capacity to appreciate.  Don’t be one of those people who make others feel bad about how they were made. Little do you know, you might be scarring them for life. Negative judgments come from a heart without security and a spirit that lacks the ability of recognition. This broken world needs assurance that it is beautiful and that it is still loved.


To be a beauty queen means to be an ambassador of what beautiful is. We are all beauty queens in our own ways we don’t have to pattern our radiance to someone else’s. We represent a variety of definitions of what it takes to be beautiful. There are actually no standards of what “beauty” is except for the fact that you only have to believe the truth that you “are” beautiful.

Beauty is something of the natural. We were born with it; it cannot be taken away from us by sharp words and criticisms. Your beauty does not depend on the world. Regardless if boys (Yes, boys not Men) don’t court you or if no one notices how special you are; YOUR BEAUTY DOES NOT DEPEND ON THAT. Even without those things you will be and you are still beautiful for it is who you are. It is natural in you. The world knows not your deepest self and it will not take the time to do so.Be forgiving to the world that is quick to judge because a queen’s true beauty springs from a KIND heart.

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